We need to educate everyone about what is right and what is wrong is a relationship.

We need everyone to know, what is acceptable and what isn’t in a realtionship.

Here are a few posters to do just that!

Because “true love” is the ability of one person to uphold the other to become the absolute best person that they can be. In turn the other person does the same. That is why a healthy relationship is called a partnership!

if you are hurt, constantly depressed, constantly feeling bad because of something your partner did…they are not your partner. they are the problem. What do you do with problems that make you feel bad?  You find the solution…and the solution is to SAFELY get out of the relationship.    OR   Make sure that your relationship never ever makes you feel like this!

True love does not “NEED” you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. True love understands that a relationship or a partnership is two lives coming together to become compliment each other’s life. In order to do this, each person must have their own life!

This posters are merely an example of what true love isn’t.

Another word for true love is a healthy relationship!

What characteristics does true love really have?

What does true love make you feel like?

How does true love look?