What do you do when you’re browsing youtube and you find a video you don’t like?

Comment on it..of course.   Then you can report it to youtube and they will take it down.

The following youtube video was posted on youtube 3 times, this being the third.

The 1st time, the comments had people saying things like: “lol, lol, lol”  and “this is so funny” and  so many other pro-dv  and victim blaming comments that it was pulled off youtube as soon as they were notified.

The 2nd time it was put on yourtube the same comments, from different people of course, streaked across the comments section. Then, suddenly as if the light of understanding shown forth…educating comments came in.  Comments such as: “Dv is not funny”, Dv is wrong”, etc, etc.  Then youtube took it down again.

However, for a 3rd time…they are trying it. I’m unsure why they are so forceful in wanting to poke fun at domestic violence and intimate partner relationships…but they do.

These are the types of people we’re trying to educate. These are the people we are trying to help understand that making fun of DV is not helping to end it.

Help all of us send a united voice to them and all the followers….this youtube video is not acceptable, especially for all the lives that are lost and destroyed because of this horrible epidemic!