This is a landmark moment for women in the Olympics.

It’s pretty amazing that there are so many women competing in so many fields, and as the medals are given out that means many of them will be given to women. What a cool though that truly is.

However, let’s hope there isn’t anymore sexist nonsense coming out of the reporters pens, laptops, and mouths like this article.

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Sadly, this is an example of minimizing and stereotyping both genders.

This is the article about the US women’s Olympic basketball team.  

1st – Title: Why the US women are beatable

WOW!  I know we are talking about sports and in sports they say and speak in words that denote win and loose, and when you lose you got beat. However, this title alone is AWFUL!!!  I mean, even adding “Olympic Basketball team” would make this better. Instead, on ESPN (a multi-national read and published website and magazine) we have the headline in big bold words stating that: US women have the ability to be beat and here are the reasons why.

This is like a Domestic abuser’s manifesto!  I’m sorry, there are way too many words and phrases to be used in the English language to allow someone to write a title like this, though I am taking it out of context, and think it is ok. This act is deplorable, and the mere act of using this kind of language perpetuates the abuse of 1.5 million people per year. (Yes, that’s an accurate number…sad…but accurate)

2nd – An actual phrase used in the article: “In a women’s game where certain coaches might be sensitive to feelings and emotions and not upsetting the fragile psyche of a young woman”

Are we really still seeing women like this?  Are we really still stereotyping women as sensitive, emotional, and with a fragile psyche?  Was this written in this century?  Please!

Women are and always have been strong, independent, caring, and amazing humans. Like all others of the human race, we are taught how to act, live, and be the people we are. If a person cares or shows more feelings than someone else, it is only because they have been taught that that is allowable. And it should be allowable!  When a feeling is felt, it should be allowed to be expressed and felt.

How dare anyone judge an Olympian on how they show or don’t show their emotions, and at what level they do.

We must end this ridiculous stereotyping of women and men!

3rd: Men stereotyping:  “he brings a man’s mentality to the women’s game in a T-bone and whiskey sort of way.”

This article is talking about the new coach the US Women’s Olympic basketball team. Is this really how we depict people in today’s day and age?

Men are t-bone eating whisky drinking burly people right?  No!

Yes, this is a description of a specific section of the male population, but it is not the norm in any way.  This is a comment on the “male stereotype”. This is a comment on the socialization that our society works to put our boys through so that when they get out of the American male socialization machine, this stereotype will hold true.

This is exactly what the Pinellas County Prevention group is trying to stop. This is exactly what men’s groups all over the world and the United States are trying to eliminate from our culture and our society. This IS NOT the view of men we need to promote in sports, in our society, our community, or even in print.

This entire archaic way of printing, speaking, writing, and view of our world must end.

How do you think we can change these 3 things?