Meet Savanah Dietrich.

She was invited to go to a party.

She had a great time, drank way too much, fell asleep.

She dreamt of the great time she had and the stories she would tell of the great time she had.

She went to sleep a 17 year ld young lady with a future as wide as the big open sky ahead of her.

She woke up a sexual assault victim. 😦

She woke up to two boys (I will not call them young men…for only boys would act like this.) having finsdhed sexually assaulting her.

She woke up to pictures and videos of the assault being shared among people she knew. (They obviously show her asleep.)

She did the right thing (according to our justice system, and something very few sexual assault victims do) She reported the assault and the boys were picked up.

The case was tried, and because of their age, they get a light sentence.

She tweeted their names even though the courts told her she could not talk about the case because it involved minors, and if she did she would be held for 180 days.

I believe Savanah’s words are better than mine here:

“I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell”….”So many of my rights have been taken away by these boys,” “I’m at the point that if I have to go to jail for my rights, I will do it. If they really feel it’s necessary to throw me in jail for talking about what happened to me as opposed to throwing these boys in jail for what they did to me, then I don’t understand justice.” [Protecting rapists] is more important than getting justice for the victim!”

We are shocked at this.

We are outraged at this.

As a fellow preventionist said in response to this story:When did we start protecting the offenders?

Sadly….this is what we do.

We tell girls/women; protect yourself, watch out for men, have your keys in your hand, check the back seat and under your car, don’t help people or you could get attacked, watch your drink, don’t pass out unless you have a friend around, etc,etc, etc

We tell boys…Got get it! You know she wants it.  Oh, don’t hit girls.

Is it really so surprising these things happen. Look around.

We have the government trying to take away the rights of women and their right to choose what happens to their own body. There are state governments that won’t allow women to talk about their own body parts. Then there is talk about overturning roe VS wade and unfund planned parenthood.

We are living in a porn culture that is telling women don’t get raped and we’re telling men that every woman wants them. We make jokes like…”you can’t rape the willing”, and we have comedians like Daniel Tosh that thinks we shouldn’t take things so seriously and that rape jokes are just funny. Then when a woman stands up and says that’s not funny, he suggests that it would be hilarious if 5 men came and raped her right now.

The response to this from the entertainment community: Lighten up, it was just a joke. And all the comedians stood by him.

No doubt the boys who raped poor Savanah would stand behind him to.

And then….we find out that rape is more commo9n than smoking

So the next time you are walking down the street and you see someone smoking….just remember, 2-3 people just got raped.

What are you doing to stop this?

The scarier question….how are you promoting it?  The shows you watch, the stuff you buy, and the places you go and spend your money very well might be promoting just this sort of mentality.

Opt 4 ending sexual assault NOW!

Opt 4 ending sexual assault now!