Sit back.


Allow me to tell you a story:   A person came up with an idea for a product. It wasn’t all that great of a product, in fact it had a lot of flaws. However, this person had backers and some money. They created commercials with women wearing barely anything draped all over the product. The put the product between the model’s boobs and posted these pictures everywhere…on the net, billboards, etc.  then they had very throaty-voiced women read copy writting about this product and aired it on every radio that would put it on.   The product was a success. When asked why they did their advertising like that, they simply said: Sex sells, and moved on to count their millions.

Is this a real story?  Yes, it is told, retold, and done, and redone every second in our world. We can watch this happen with everything from dusters, to vacuums, to cars, and beer. This si the way of our advertising and marketing.

We produce misogynistic sexist images catering to the most base instincts of human kind and connect it to an inanimate object. In fact, most of the time the inanimate object is treated better and seen as having more value than the living breathing women that are draped and displayed around in. In fact, often times the product is seen in its full splendor while the women (mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends) are cut out of the picture so that only their body part is important…not the whole woman.

Is this ok?  NO!

Is this right? NO!

Why do we buy the product?  for when we buy this product we say that this is ok. When we purchase this “thing” we say that this “thing” is more important than the real living breathing person that is presented with it. We are ok’ing these actions.

here are a few examples of this:

Woman dead in car. Man dug hole for her. Advertising shoes.


A woman wrapped up beyond her will, bu7t look at that great car. Advertising car.


Only her butt is shown, and she is only an accessory to the full bottle that is shown.

These are not rare cases…women are cut up(pictorially or actually depending on the advertising) and used as accessories to all sorts of products.

This is not ok.

When you buy these things that are advertised this way…you accept this and tell them it’s not ok.

Start changing the world with your money.

Start voting with your cash.

If you take on this campaign and share it in all of your social networks what will happen…the numbers look like this:

You refuse to buy the $10 product. (You took $5 form the creator who agreed tot he advertisement)

You told 20 people. statistically, 4 people stopped buying the product. ($10 more from the creator)

You put this on facebook and 100 people see it. Statistically, 20 people stop buying the product. ($50 more from the creator.

This si where it gets cool…..Of the first 4….they have the ability to post it and may get close to $50 as well.

Of the 20 people, they post and talk as well….they have the ability to take over $100 from the creator.

In the grand scheme of things…just a few people boycotting, or as a popular website calls it girlcotting, they take $215 from the creator.

If everyone keeps talking, posts on their blogs, facebook, twitter, linke4d in, 4 square, etc, etc….and then thou$$ands go away.

Remember, the letters and boycotting of just 10 people have brought down shows, movies, and products.

We can do this too!   Go out and make a difference!