Dez Bryant, who plays “professional” football for the Dallas Cowboys since 2010 as a wide receiver has stepped over the line.

He tried to beat up his mom. According to his Mom(Angela Bryant’s):  I can’t keep letting him do this. I can’t keep letting him do me like this. I’m tired. I’m going to put an end to it today. I’m tired”

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Let’s stop here for a moment and look at this phrase his mother said on the 9-1-1 call.  “I can’t keep letting….”, “I can’t keep letting him….”, “I’m going to put an end to this…”. These are not phrases someone says after their son suddenly goes crazy. These are phrases someone says after having this done to them on multiple occasions. the word “keep” says that she has dealt with this time and time again, and now she is doing something about it. Her adult son needs to stop…NOW!

1) If a man is not respectful enough to stop hurting his mother, the woman who gave him life,  when she asks, what will he do to a woman who has no emotional ties to him?  what kind of power and control is running through his veins that tell him it is ok to hurt a woman as high ranking in a son’s life as his mother?  This is a problem waiting to happen.

2) What does the NFL corporations historically do with this type of situation. Nothing!   Now, keep in mind 3 things: 1. This was only on a Texas website, it’s not like this has been put on national news. According to most people, especially the news, this is just another domestic. If the perp in this case wasn’t a football star, we wouldn’t hear of it, and I probably wouldn’t be writing about it since I wouldn’t know anything about it.   2. In the past we have seen that the football viewers care more about the game, the playing of the game, and watching the game than they care about what the players do. Players have been resolved and stood behind when they have committed such atrocities as rape, stagetory rape, brutal beatings, fights, riots, and even blatant domestic violence. Each time these come up in the news, they are push aside as merely men that are stressed out (as if that resolves it for the victims). And what of the victims…they are usually paid very well to not press charges and shut their mouth, or they are buried in paperwork and negative publicity. The third is the rest of this blog…..

The National Football league and the teams that platy in it are money generators with owners and full management trees. In other words, they are corporations. When you’re dealing with a corporation you’re dealing with money. When you look at the money that is coming into the football organizations through ticket sales, concession sales, marketing, advertising, etc….you have to see that this is a money making industry. Each player has a price on their head, and every time that player steps onto the field they earn those corporations lots and lots of money.

So is Dez still playing…YES. Is he still receiving the fringe benefits? Of course. He is a football star and his is valuable, and what he does is not considered wrong.

Even though it is!

Opt 4 sending the NFL thousands of letters to end this type of senseless responsibility.

Opt 4 boycotting the NFL till their players are brought to justice!

Opt 4 stopping violence in our competitions.

Opt 4 making every player responsible for their actions, and if they mess up they do not represent the team.

Opt 4 football role models being real role models!