Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.


Listen to understand, then speak with love – Advice from a father to a son.


REAL men protect and nurture children…Because they do!

Real men wear pink. Because it’s just a color. Because it shows our support for Breast Cancer. Because we can, and we do!


A video posted by Engaging men in gender equality.  Please watch the whole thing…the 1st part is the wrong view…and by showing the wrong view…we find what real men are and are suppose to be.

Real men don’t hit women. Simply – BECAUSE THEY DONT! Anything else is not acceptable and it is up to every male and female to stand up to those who do!

Real men don’t rape…because they don’t. This is one of the most vile dispicable acts that can be done to a person or by a person, and it will not and can not be accepted. EVEN if you’re a comedian like Daniel Tosh. Boycott Danile Tosh, tosh.o for he sees Rape as funny!

A real man is not hard to define.  A real man is respectful, happy, kind, and helps others. A real man uses his strength to control himself and protect others.