Isn’t it sad that a human being would even thought to be sold at this day and age. However, with the current culture we’re living in where a woman is not allowed to talk about her own reproductive organs, it’s being questioned as to whether a woman should be able to decide what goes on in and around her body, when woman’s body’s are exploited with and without their knowledge, and violence is as normal as the blue sky….the selling of another human being…especially a “girl” is not that surprising.

This is where we, the general people of the world, need to stand up and say…enough is enough. We speak with one unified voice and say STOP! This is outragrous and it just plain won’t happen anymore!

Opt 4 the change we all want to see.
Opt4 rallying people to start making noise.
Opt4 making noise about the problems that need to be discussed!
Opt 4 doing something now!

Questions for Us

I got together today with some very dear friends of mine. We took our kids to the park to play, while we caught up. Towards the end of the ‘play date’, it was just Katy and me, and we were having a chat about a lot of things relating to our lives as women and mums. Of course, I always end up talking about the stuff I want to write about and I told her how I can’t keep up with the things that pop up in the world that incense me or inspire me.

I feel like the things that incense me, though, are the ones I need to tell everyone about. I guess I feel like if I don’t, people won’t realise the extent of our global problems and if they don’t know, they can’t do anything about it. And we need to, don’t we?

Today I’m feeling…

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