After a talk to a group of about 150 people in their early 20’s a young woman walked up to me.

She smiled and asked if I needed any help cleaning up my cords and stuff. I said no and thanked her for her kind offer.

She was about to walk away and then asked one simple little question…”Why don’t people listen?”

I was about to go into a long explanation about listening skills and the lack of communication that exists in our society when I realized there was more to this question by the look on her face. I stopped myself and asked her why.

Her story was horrible. Since she turned 18 she has been rapped twice. One time was by a friend she had known all her life.  She had just come to college and coincidentally she had run into her neighbor who had lived 2 doors down all her life. She had played with this neighbor growing up and even hung out with them when she was in high school. They had shared many great moments in the neighborhood, in school, and on various sports teams together. She was excited to know that she had a friend here in college so far from home. Unfortunately, on one particular study session this woman  raped her. She asked her to stop many times, but the other woman just continued. This same story was repeated 2 years later with a gentleman who she was quite fond of. No matter how many times she said no, or stop, or quit, or get off – it didn’t end.

Now, her only question is…why don’t people listen?

It’s sad to think that we live in a world like this. A world where there are so many people so addicted to power and control, so addicted to getting what they want that they decide to take it. They take your time. They steal your moments. They rip your comfort and happiness right from your soul.

This is not ok!

This is not right!

We all must be doing SOMETHING about ending this horrible epidemic that causes so many people’s live to be destroyed.

We must all remember we are in this together.

This is not her problem, this is OUR problem.

I end this with a quote from a man who knows all too well what abuse is and what it can do to a life…Dave Pelzer, author of the “A Child called IT” series and has become a thriver: Ask yourself: Was there anything I could have done to prevent the situation in the world? If the answer is yes, do something NOW and become a better person for it.  The victims and potential victims will thank you for it.