Justin Bieber is hosting a contest for his fans to introduce his new fragrance “Girlfriend” asking his fans and whoever else to ask writing a version of his song “Boyfriend.” One video stood out among the others. This video showed an unblinking fan telling Justin all the perks he would get to enjoy if they were a couple. however, it took a different road once the song begin.  He would get things like  being stalked online, tracked with a recording device and being called constantly. It’s scary. But, it also is a textbook on unhealthy relationships.

A gentleman from love is respect recorded his own response to this video……

So this is my call to action to all who read this:

1. Watch the original and the response.

2. Make your own response to the girls unhealthy relationship video

3. OR…make a video talking about what a healthy relationship is and why it’s important.

4. Send me the link to your video, and I’ll post it on this blog.