Abuse and anti-women comments and news is coming out every moment.

First a senator gets told that the name of a piece of her body that creates life is vulgar and she’s banned from the floor.

Then a senator from Wisconsin introduces a bill penalizing single mothers for being unmarried.

Suddenly, another Wisconsin state rep has now started to speak out against divorce of any kind..,even if the person is being abused.

While the other items have been a direct attack on women, this new bill that is gaining support is a direct attack on everyone.

Males and females are being abused right now while you read this.

Males and Females are scared to death of their own life and their partner….right now.

Males and Females right now feel like prisoners in their own home…right now.

You might walk past these people in the malls, the streets, and even in your PTA.

If this law is passed it sets a president for laws all over the country. It sets a president that every radical state rep can use to end the ability for anyone to get out of a situation.

And for the people I described above that are currently going through this hell right now, this bill would mean there is no escape!

But our older citizens know this better than any of us….they’ve already lived it. This is nothing new. It use to be a standard law that a woman had to ask a man for a divorce and if he said yes, then it would be ok’d by the court. But if he said no, no matter how abusive or how much infidelity there was….she had to stay by law.

With all of the political anti-women, anti-nonviolence, anti-human rights bills and conversations that are going on right now…we have to stand up. We have to start making our voices abundantly heard.

Many people are mad about these Wisconsin lawmakers and I don’t blame them. But those lawmakers were elected by someone. That means that we weren’t yelling loud enough. Every elected official was exactly that…elected. We are a country of the people, by the people….and as the people…we NEED to Stand up and make our voices heard!