I was browsing the web looking for ways that men could stand up and do something about the violence in the world when a gentleman whom I know walked past and asked why I was doing this.

The conversation went like this:

Him: “Why are you wanting men to stop this? It’s not my fault guys are beatin on chicks.”

Me: Sadly, the statistics say that 90-98% of all domestic violence crimes are caused by men. Also, they are women, not chicks.”

Him: What? Oh yeah, girls. But you know it goes both ways. What about all these chicks hitting us?  It’s always about the girls.”

Me: That’s women, not girls, not chicks. Yes, there are men getting abused a lot more than we hear…but the reality is men are doing more abusing than women. If we eliminated all of the abuse men are doing, we’ll see a huge drop in violence…guaranteed.

Him: So why don’t the Girls do something about it then?  I mean they must like ti…they stay.

Me: They stay out of fear. And…it’s women. Men have a responsibility to stand up for the women of the world. If you do not abuse people that’s because you’ve been taught right. Men listen to other men, so it’s about time for men to start saying something, to start doing something about the abuse other people who share our gender are doing. We are brother hood, and we need to help out all of our brothers.

Him: Yeah, brother from another mother. That’s a good point. Let me know what you want me to do…..

Me: sign this pledge.

Yes, I did ask him to sign a pledge, and he did it.  This is something I saw on the net that a lot of places are asking their employees (especially men) to sign.  The pledges vary depending on the organization, but basically it’s a pledge that says they stand behind the efforts to end all domestic violence and sexual assault. These organizations and companies that ask their employees to do this, ask them to do this after a domestic violence awareness training. Then these are put in their permanent work files. If you refuse to sign, many of the companies have begun ending the person’s employment.

So what would this pledge have to say….

It could be simple, or it could be complex. It could be for a big company, a small business, or even just a group of friends. Wow, can you imagine asking all of your guy friends to sign a pledge saying they are against this…what a great movement that would be.

So here’s  sample pledge for you:

Men’s Pledge Against Domestic Abuse

I acknowledge that Domestic Violence exists in all communities, no matter race, economic status, or religious affiliation.  I acknowledge that 1 in 3 women experience some sort of domestic abuse in their lifetime. I know that domestic abuse is not just physical, it can be verbal, mental, sexual, and financial. I know ending this abuse is everyone’s responsibility!

As a man who desires this abuse to end,

I sign this pledge to help end abuse by educating myself, educating others, standing up and speaking out against this abuse wherever i see it, and making sure boys do not receive messages that would uphold this abuse.


What do you think?  Would the men you know sign this?

Opt 4 a pledge like this to be standard in all companies.

Opt 4 everything being gender equal.