A couple of given statements:

Is there a wage gap between what men and women make?  YES!

Do women hold less decision making roles than men? Yes!

Do employers know that a wage gap exists?  Yes!

Do they have reason to keep it going? They must. If we see something wrong we correct it. If we don’t correct it, then we see that something is ok with the wrong thing.  When this wage gap was attempted to be squashed….EVERY Republican Senator voted against it.

They voted against women being paid the same as men!

Does this sound like 2012 or 1912?

So what does this actually mean for a modern day woman? How does this Gap and vote affect a woman?

I don’t think anything more is needed to be said!

Opt 4 gender equality. (Because without gender equality, the violence will continue!)

Opt 4 no violence (Which will only happen with gender equality.)

Opt 4 preventing our daughters from having to deal with this like all the other daughter have had to do for centuries.