It is very hard to truly understand why abuse victims do not want to be on the stand to put their abusers in jail, but that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t be able to stand up for themselves in some other way.

What we as a people have to understand is the power of intimidation and fear.

We all know our family’s gestures and idiosyncrasies. You know for a fact that when your brother or sister twitches their eye, they are being disproving and mean…though nobody else would. You know that when your mom is pissed off, no matter what her voice sounds like, her nose flares out and that means when she is done being polite you’re going to get it. These are things we just know from hanging around and being part of these people’s lives for so long.

The same is true for victims of abuse. No matter what the judge, the lawyers, and the other people around see the victim sees those little things that tells them volumes of consequences that will happen to them if they do anything wrong. One woman routinely got thrown around the house, through windows, and beat with a hammer and before this happened, her abuser took a deep breath, sighed and shook his head. This was a pattern. With this kind of violence…if a person is on the stand and the abuser does this….the person has no ability to fight this mental abuse and post traumatic feelings. When her abuser did this little gesture in court…she froze. She couldn’t talk and the fear consumed her.

This is why this law is so amazing.

This is why this law can help so many people. This law can change the outcomes of hundreds and possibly thousands of cases per year. But what if your area doesn’t have this law….Florida creating it sets a precedence. Because it has already been ok’d by one state, it can now be ok’d by other states.

We are advocates of social change and this is the step in the right direction.

Opt4 more laws like this one.

opt 4 abusers being held to their crimes.

opt 4 seeing that men can be abused and just as frightened.