When we open up a magazine and there is a pictorial of violence it is not there for entertainment…even if the creators created it to be entertainment.

Our mind looks at it and says…this is violence…then the scary part happens:

1. Our mind takes a self assessment. See our mind can not tell if what we are looking at is fake our not. (Look up the research if you don’t believe this statement) So it decides it must be real since the eyes are bringing in the message.

2. Our mind becomes hyper aware…Violence equals need to know what’s going on and be prepared to act or protect ones self.  Mind begins taking in 50% more information and storing it very quickly.

3. Our mind assess our body. If it is calm and happy, this is the “normal” reaction. that means what we are looking at is “normal”.

4. Our mind matches this scene with scenes we’ve seen before, and learns that this is our reaction to this scene.

5. Finally, our mind accepts that this is the normal way of being.

In the end….if our mind sees a depiction of violence against women, it learns that this is ok and normal. The more references our mind sees to this affect….the more normal and ok it is.

******Scary Part*******

The more normal, the more ok, the more it makes sense to carry out what we see as normal and ok.



Then we have photographers that continue these depictions to sell things.  This article comments on just this sort of violence that is depicted int he fashion industry.

These pictures depict an acceptance to this violence towards women.

Critics say that people are jumping to conclusions and women hurt themselves all the time….but these pictures take it to a step far above accidental harming of ones self.

then there are others that say…but it’s just one pictorial.  NO!  Look through the fashion industry and you will find thousands of pictorials depicting violence against women.

Opt 4 sending letters to all companies that depict women in violent situations to sell a product.

Opt 4 stopping all sexism in advertisement.

Opt 4 educating everyone about violence against women.