It’s amazing how much we are influenced on a daily basis.

However, what if you are part of the group that is being targeted to be and think in a different way – the influence is even greater.

This is the onslaught that our daily teenage girl is exposed to….the affects are staggering.

Before the movie….a side note:

In Fiji they took a field study of the women of the island as part of a National Geographic special. The women saw themselves as leaders, a great women in the tribe, and aspired to be great women of the island. They saw their bodies as beautiful, a body to be adorned and revered, and all were very very happy.  Coincidentally, 1 year later, TV and magazines began to be imported. They decided to do the same study 4 years later, they found that women saw themselves as fat, malproportioned, and deserving of abuse and hatred. The was an influx in eating disorders, dieting, and a lack of self esteem. Not only that, the number one goal of most women were to mary a good man (a prince to be taken to a great castle with lots of money) and be skinnier (at any cost). The story that was released in 1999