There’s a new site and app called Skout.  according to the creators Skout is:

With one click, you can discover new friends at the local neighborhood bar, at a concert at Madison Square Garden or on a bus tour in Barcelona. Skout connects you to other users nearby or continents away, in more than 100 countries, whether you’re looking for new friends or activity partners. Our virtual environment is rich with personal experiences thanks to features like chatting, exchanging photos or notes, and sending virtual gifts. We go to great lengths to make sure that our community is fun and safe, and it shows: our users log in eight or nine times a day and are exchanging over a half billion messages a month…

But….is it really that safe and wonderful.

Are we really GPS locating people we want to talk to….this seems dangerous….and it is!  It is dangerous to women and men all over the world.  Right now it is affecting the most vulnerable…Kids. The next step is the adults.

opt 4 not creatign apps to help people get hurt.

Opt 4 healthy relationships.

Opt 4 relationships becoming more intimate with longer conversations.

Opt 4 conversations period!

Opt 4 meeting people who are interested in YOU!