Arguments are hard.

Arguments are horrible if you do not argue in a healthy way.

5 Argument rules!

1. No finger-pointing (literally).

– You can’t point fingers. Your finger is a subconscious weapon. No matter what, when you point at something you are threatening. Stop pointing!

2. No yelling.

– Everyone can get their point across without raising their voice. Use words rather than the volume of your voice.

3. Don’t get in people’s faces

– Whenever you enter a person’s personal space you are being threatening. This is a threatening gesture and always will be.

4. Do not bring up the past if it’s not relevant.

– Sometimes when we’re speaking of a problem, multiple things have been done to create this problem. Unfortunately, in order to solve the problem you must speak about the past. But, if the past actions of someone has nothing to do with what you’re speaking about…don’t bring it up.

5. Watch what you say

– It’s call mindful speaking. Pay attention to what you say. Pay attention to the words that are coming out of your mouth. Whatever you say will be held against you.

– Speaking in like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. No matter what, you can’t push it back once it’s been pushed out. Once your words enter into the argument, they are real…even if you didn’t mean them. Always pay attention to your words!  ALWAYS!!!!

6. It’s ok to agree to disagree.

– There’s not always a winner. There’s not always a looser.

– Sometimes the argument is merely a difference of opinion. You are two people from different backgrounds that have very different thoughts. It’s ok if one person likes one thing and believes in one thing and you don’t.


If you argue correctly…violence and anger is never part of it.