I sat watching TV with my family and a cute little movie came on.

(I leave the name of the movie out of this blog so that we can focus on what’s truly important.)

This blog is written by a group of people..but myself, I’m the male voice of this blog.

As I watched the movie I was appalled at the way the women were depicted in it. They were seen as only valuable for their ability to look beautiful, hang on the arm of the men, and wait to be rescued.  The main woman was seen only for her beauty, never spoke, was actually accosted in one scene and tricked and was forcibly made to a kiss a man under the cover of  “he had wanted her for so long, he held her there to enjoy every minute of the kiss” (Even though she resisted and fought to get away from the embrace)

At the end, as is the custom of my family, we watched the credits and worked to try to find out who the characters were. Many of the people were known characters in make-up, so it was interesting to see who they were. We found out who was behind the masks and I was about to turn it off when my daughter spoke up very quickly….

“Who was the woman? Who was she?”

When I looked I saw light in her eyes and intrigue in her face. I told her and asked why she wanted to know, but before I could finish my question she began acting out the part.

WHAT!!??     Why was she doing that? For the same reason my son was acting out the min male role.

I suddenly realized my strong and independent daughter is learning from every woman she sees. She is looking up to other women. She is seeing what other women do. She is creating her idea of self. She is creating who she wants to be. She is creating a self identity…..AND….the TV is helping her create it.

What is she seeing?

In today’s day and age…

She’s seeing strong women, who show off their body parts in the most sexually explicit, sexually revealing ways as possible.

She’s seeing women who are seen only valuable for their body and body parts.

She’s seeing women being told what to do by males, even though they have minds and beliefs of their own.

She’s seeing women who have taken control of their life but really NEED a man.

She seeing women who fear being lonely and are only happy when they are with a man.

She seeing women who have careers, a life, but still have to do all of the others chores around the house.

How do I know proof positive that she is seeing all of these things….because when she acts these things out I ask her why she acts them out. OR…she asks me why i do these “girl” jobs and “girl” things. (By the way, i have raised her in true gender equality and strength.)

Remember – the kids are watching and we are teaching them.

Every time we put on a TV show, movie, cartoon, open up a magazine, book, etc we are teaching the kids.

Sexualization of women and girls have increased on TV, and it’s increased in our society too – not a coincidence.

Depictions of white and beautiful is still depicted on TV, and it’s still see this way in our society – not a coincidence.

Depictions of skinny people as beautiful people has increased, and we’re still seeing that in our society today – not a coincidence

We need to change how were teaching our children!  Remember they are always watching!