The comic book industry has always been pretty inaccurate on the equality of the genders.

First we have 2 characters that are the same age:

Spider man and spider girl

Superman and super girl

Batman and batgirl

(Notice all the women depicted as girls?)

Then we have the rapes..yes rape. There have been numerous accounts of female characters being raped…why?  Not only do males also get raped in the real world, but comic book makers can decide what needs to be in a book and what doesn’t. Why does Rape have to be there?

Then there is the costumes….

All the males, fully clothed. The 1 woman…as much skin as allowed.  Most of the men in fact are so fully clothes that there is almost no skin except the face.

Every marksman in the world will tell you this is not the best way to use a firearm. If your back is to a person, your accuracy is just not that great. But why the butt shot?  Why the gratuitous show of  skin?

This article asks what if the men superheroes were put in the same positions as the women…would it be ok?

For a full discussion of this trend, check out Kelly Thompsons in depth article about these clothing situations: She Has No Head! – No, It’s Not Equal

She makes a number of great comments such as:

The short version is that I think it’s a big problem that extends far beyond comics and like other media, it really affects the way people view women, and how women, especially young women, view themselves.  I don’t think “it’s just comics” and it doesn’t matter.  I think media is a powerful thing in our society and that there’s a trickle down effect in seeing these portrayals reinforced over and over again. These portrayals shape how we view and value women and contributes to everything from sexism in the work place to eating disorders.”

And then the topic is taken to yet another level when you take and put men into these same situations as this GoldenGirlCoH did in her depiction.

It happens all the time again and again.

Women are depicted as a group of body parts to be leered at and fondled.

Men are depicted as strong, powerful, forces to be reckoned with.

As an experiment….put men in the same poses as women, and sudenly everything changes.

This post depicts men in traditional women photography poses:

Here are a few just for examples (Please go to the post for the whole gambit)

When men are depicted in this way, society sees this as funny, and they create “comendy issues” like the one below:

Sadly…this is the reality for women.

Women are posed like this.

Women are subjected to this humility on a moment by moment daily basis.


If someone thinks men posing like this is funny or wrong and women posing like this is ok….that is the nucleus of the problem of our society!