Cheer leading is a hard job.

Cheerleaders do amazing things!

Cheerleaders are forced to wear very skimpy clothes in the cold cold weather.

The athletic ability of cheer leading is amazing.

When a person has the ability to do 7 back handsprings in a row – that is amazing and that is a cheer leader.

When you can create a tower of people…that uis cheer leading and that is amazing.


They are exploited continuously!

They could do all these amazing things with clothes on…instead they are forced to dress in skimpy, proactive clothes. Why?  So they look sexually appealing (No other reason exists! Period! )

When I ask why they MUST wear these clothes, they say…”It’s a tradition”.


So then we look at clothes for men cheerleaders (Who are always said to be gay. Who are always mercilessly teaswed no matter their unbelievable talents.) and women cheerleaders…you see the sexism promoted!  Let’s look:

These are the two pictures of appropriate cheerleader uniforms for both sexes.

The male cheerleader has clothes on: shirt, pants (mostly sweatpants) and athletic shoes. (By thew way – when I looked for pictures of male cheerleaders[there’s a lot of them by the way] i found hundreds of pictures making fun of male cheerleaders as gay, feminine, etc, etc)

The female cheerleader has very little clothes on. Actually, i believe that if they could get the women to wear nothing at all they would prefer it. Their uniform is a halter top or very very small top to accentuate the breasts, a skirt that is barely there, and small shoes. (By the way – the picture that I chose was chosen because most of the other pictures had so very little clothes I thought it inappropriate to put on the post)

Speaking of these clothes, and I quote from Tony Porter from a call to men: Football is a winter sport. Most of the world is really really cold during the winter. The football players have 4-5 layers on to keep warm. The women of the cheer leading squad….same uniform (however in recent years they’ve been ok’d to wear tights…how nice)

In the end…we see an inequality, a sexist depiction…and nobody seems to be changing anything. Sadly…women are flocking in droves to uphold the sexist stereotype.

Opt 4 changing the norm.

Opt 4 seeing women as people not as sexual buffets.

Opt 4 seeing cheerleaders not as sex objects but as gymnastic level athletes who should be celebrated for their abilities and not their body parts and skin.