At a recent S.T.O.P (Students Trying to Oppose People Bullying and committing violence) club meeting at a local middle school we made thank you cards.

Saying thank you to people is very important and makes them feel better about their job and about people in this world in general. For more about the power of saying thank you read this.

The instructions were very simple. Write a thank you note. Sign it “The STOP club”. Give it to someone who deserves a thank you card. (Everyone deserves a thank you card.)  Not only is this a thank you card, it gives the students an opportunity to explain what the club is, what the club believes in, etc.

There were 15 students in the club. Each student took 10 thank you cards. In 1 day 155 thank you cards went out to people all over the school. Teachers, plant operators, lunch people, maintenance, administration, everyone.

The lunch workers got so tickled they said thank you thank you and posted it up so everyone could see it.

All of the teachers posted on the bulletin board for everyone to see…all 180 students. Wait…let’s think about this.  180 students per teacher saw info about the club. What a great way to get the information to stop bullying and start thanking people throughout the whole school.

One plant operator had worked there for 15 years and nobody ever said thank you to him. The thank you card that he received meant so much more than the club, and it made him cry.

Remember, when we are trying to stop domestic violence and violence in general, we have to change the whole culture…and thank you cards begin to do this.

Opt 4 thanking everyone.

Opt 4 starting a thank you card writing campaign in your school.