A gentleman was walking through into his day of work. He hated his work. He hated his life. He hated the people at his work. He hated his boss who always told him the things her did wrong. He hated everything about his job…everyday.  He was a garbage collector.

Day in and day out her would ride in a garbage truck and put his hands in waste that nobody wanted to touch and nobody wanted to even look at.

One particularly horrible day it was raining and hailing, and he was hanging on the side of a yellow garbage truck. The rain felt like little knives on his exposed skin, and every once in a while a piece of hail smacked him in the head or the arm. Because of the wetness and the sludge that seeped out of the garbage bags, he had already slipped and fell twice. That meant another lecture from the boss and his hip hurt horribly.

On this day of days, he arrived at a pair of metal trash cans. Sitting on top of it was a card that said…thank you on the front. It was soaked and coming apart. He tried to open it, but when he did it disintegrated into his hands. The piece that was in tact said Thank you in a very nice script.  He thought it would be nice to receive one of these, but he’s a garbage man…nobody thanks you for that, you just do your job.

The next day was bitter cold, but no rain. When he came up tot he cans this time…there was another card with “Thank You” on the top. When he opened it this time it was a note that read: “Dear Garbage man…thank you.”  He showed it to the driver and he smiled, and this man smiled too. It felt good.

Everyday for 2 weeks there was a card saying thank you to the “garbage men”.

Now is this a story of some famous person who became a great famous because of this…no! In fact, it’s not about anyone you know…unless you’re on his route. This is a true story of a man who hated his life and found joy because a woman wrote a thank you card to her garbage man.  This is the story of a man who became something we all want to become: HAPPY.

That’s what thank you’s do. Thank you’s change people. Thank you’s let someone know they are appreciated. Thank you’s let people know that whatever they are doing, no matter how horrible, they are appreciated. Thank you’s let people know that there is someone who knows that whatever is going on…it’s nice to be thanked.

So, the next time you are wondering how to make someone smile or prevent violence in your community – how about a thank you card?

That thank you card might be the only thanks that the person has ever received.

Thank you to you for reading this post!