Usually through the course of this blog I have condemned magazines and advertisers who have used sexism and objectification to increase their sales.

Definition of sexism: The belief that one sex (usually the male) is naturally superior to the other and should dominate most important areas of political, economic, and social life. Sexist discrimination in the United States in the past has denied opportunities to women in many spheres of activity.

This includes ads that depict women and girls as objects and things to be used rather than the living breathing humans that they are. This also includes ads and articles that focus on the use of only one body part as a sexual “thing”

With that said, I’d like to take a moment and commend a few magazines for doing exactly the opposite of that.

A magazine concerned and focuses on Cars, things cars can do, and things that fit into cars. A magazine that showcases how to make cars run better and uses advertising that is geared towards cars and mechanics.

A magazine dedicated and focused on raising your truck or car as high as you can to get over the brush and mud that stands in your way. A magazines that talks about, shows how to’s, and ideas of making you a better 4 wheel driver. In addition to this, it explains how to 4 wheel with respect to nature and places you can go throughout the states.

A magazine dedicated and concerned with the sport and art of martial arts. As much as I’m not a proponent of violence, this magazine does not focus on a need for violence. Instead, it focuses on the need for control of your body and mind in order to perfect your body and mind while at the same time being able to defend yourself when it is needed. This magazine chooses advertising and articles that are connected to this sport and art, and only shows you the ideas that can make you better in it.

Rolling Stone Magazine depicts industry news, artist highlights, and interviews about artists and innovator throughout the music industry. Though the industry is full of sexism and objectification, the magazine is surprisingly devoid of it. The advertisers and articles depict ways of improving the art and the industry itself, as well as social issues that need to be spoken about.


These magazines have decided to put in only pictures and depictions that show women and men being exactly as they are: people.

Stereotypically when we think of cars, 4 wheeling, and music (especially rock and roll) magazines we think of women in scantily clad clothing dripping and displayed in grotesque sexist ways. That arcane norm of exploitation is refreshingly absent from all of these magazines.

GOOD JOB Road and Track!

GOOD JOB Four Wheeler

GOOD JOB Black Belt

GOOD JOB Rolling Stone


As I always ask that you write letters and make yourself heard about the sexist exploitation of men and women in magazines….

I now ask you to write letters and make your voice heard saying..Thank you…to these magazines for not lowering themselves to this type of degradation. Thank You for doing so!

Do you know of any magazines that should be commended?