We must end bullying!

There are too many deaths because of bullying.

A young woman made the following video and it should be widely circulated. It is a story that could be anyone…and it is reality for many many students.

Most people just want to be accepted for who they are – this does not happen as children, as middle school students, as high school students or as adults.  This is because of us.

You may say..it’s not my fault.

Yes.. it is all of our faults.

We must raise our children that this sort of debasement of others is wrong!

We must speak out to every child we know and say…Stop BEING SO MEAN!!!!

We know the old saying – Kids are mean. But that doesn’t have to be our reality.

Remember – Bullying is another form of power and control. It is very very likely that the bullies of today are abusers of tomorrow.  Stopping bullying and stopping this power and control addiction that the human race has will solve so many problems.

Watch this video…when it’s done DO SOMETHING!!!