Besides this awesome blog…lol..there is another site that needs to be talked about.


Their motto:

Together, youth, adults, and the community can create a better world for all. When you shine the light of positive action, you help everyone down the path to peace.

There is such truth in that!

As a teen the world of healthy relationships is a vast and scary place.  No matter how much you have people like me in your face talking about healthy relationships, there’s always going to be a person that comes into your life to create emotions, feelings, and thoughts that contradict and confuse you about healthy relationships.

That’s why PARK is there.

Park speaks to every teen who has a question.

PARK speaks to every teen that has a problem.

What do I mean speak….I mean speak. You can e-mail and talk to the PARK crew about problems you’re having, violence in your community, and ways to prevent domestic violence.

Not only will they help you, they will also guide you to the healthiest decision that you can get to. However, this isn’t a place where young sounding adults are answering and e-mailing, on the contrary – it’s teens speaking to teens.

PARK is a place like no other, and a place every person should check out.   So do it today!

Opt 4 talking to every friend you have about healthy relationships.

OPt 4 helping everyone out.

OPT 4 focusing everyone into a nonviolent way of thinking.