This is the Unilever corporation’s logo.

Most people do not pay much attention tot his conglomerate that creates, produces, and advertises many of the products that you use everyday.

My first introduction to the Unilever company was DOVE.  Dove created a number of ads celebrating women and celebrating the way “natural” women look.  They even included models in their ads that actually had tummies (like most of us out there).  This was amazing to many, and this was celebrated as a major win for women’s equality and acceptance, an acceptance that has been fought for for decades perhaps even centuries.

Then they came up with two awesome commercials that really tried to show girls and women that they need to realize that most of the stuff they see is engineered beauty, not real beauty.

Dove and their parent company Unilever was celebrated as  a new company for REAL women. They were celebrated as a corporation and a company who truly cared about the rights of women and seeing women as real people.

But wait….

What about AXE?


Axe, also part of the Unilever company.

What is their depiction of women?








Is this the same corporation?  YES!

Please go to the Unilever website to see more of their faces of advertisement and debasement of women.

So….are they helping equality and preventing violence, or are they merely a sexist corporation focusing on women as mindless drones to a scent?

Equality for women is paramount and something we should all be backing and pushing for. Be careful what companies we promote and which one we do not, even if one of their faces seems so positive.

OPT 4 telling the truth.

Opt 4 always being REAL.