Many people say the world is lacking manners, I suggest that many people are not being taught manners as they once were.

Just because women want to be treated as equals doesn’t mean that the manners we use with women go out the door.

When a man and a women arrive at a door, it is good manners for the man to open the door for the woman.  This began as a necessity because of the old very heavy doors in the pre-1200’s, 1300’s, 1400’s…but now it is just merely showing respect for the woman you are with.

But taken a different way, shouldn’t we all open the door for the person behind us. It’s simple respect and kindness. If you (no matter the gender) arrive at a door and there is another person (regardless of the gender) behind you, it is simply polite to open the door for the other person.

A woman always has the right to tell the man that she can open her own door…just as a man has that right as well.

When we begin speaking about these manners, many people say things such as:

“Well if women want to be treated equal, these actions should be gone.”

“If their equal, it’s equal down the line.”

“If they (women) think they aren’t being treated right, wait till the men stop doing things for them and they’ll see what it’s really like.”

These are just phrases from people who are angry that their own masculinity is being threatened.

Again, it all comes down to manners. When a driver walks up to a car with their passengers, it is common manners to open the door for the people he is driving. Therefore, out of respect and kindness, if you are out on a date or driving with a friend, and the gentleman happens to be the driver – he should open the woman’s door.  If she wants to open it herself, she will tell you or do it.

Then we come to the question of payment.  It is expected that a man pays for dinner. Why?  Because most of the time the man asked the woman out on this date.

Common manners and decency states that whomever asks a person out, should pay. Most of the time the man asks and he should be the one who is paying for the night. This is part of the kindness, respect,  and thanks to the women for going out with him.

REMEMBER: He is paying out of common decency and manners, SHE DOES NOT OWE HIM ANYTHING!

So in the end what is the right thing to do:


Use your manners.

Opt 4 opening people’s doors.

Opt 4 paying for a date’s dinner and entertainment.

Opt 4 being respectful and kind to all people.