I was wrangled in to watching prime time TV.  I’m not a big TV fan, and if I am watching TV I watch educational or didactic TV.

As much as I am aware of things going on on TV…it doesn’t mean I have to pollute my head to do my job.

It was amazing what I saw and heard.

Let’s start with advertisements –

Every commercial played to some gender or societal stereotype.  If i watched these commercials every day, I would be fully convinced that boys play sports and get dirty, plus they are ravenous eating machines when they get to the teen-age world. I’d also believe they don’t mind, they try to get away with everything, and they are essentially violent.

Girls are stalkers, they are talkative, they think of only chocolate, family, and housekeeping. They always are participating in either family, girls getaways, or doing the cleaning and cooking.

Wait…let’s look at this for a moment. According to these commercials women hold down a full-time 40-50 hour job, drive the kids around, clean the house, cook the meals, and do the laundry. They are also expected to know what is going on throughout the household and what the answers to everyone’s questions in the family are.  Interesting enough, the man is rough, tough, and likes cars and trucks. He plays with the kids, but doesn’t do any of the housework.

Interesting enough – that is our society’s view on women and women as well. Commercials are merely mirrors to our society…however, when the watchers buy into that reflection..it becomes a reality. Similar to accepting the fact that you are “fat’ because you see it in the mirror everyday.

Taking the mirror/fat example, that is your reflection now…you can change it if you so choose.  When you do change it, the reflection in the mirror will change.

Prime time TV is a call to action… not entertainment.

We are seeing the reflection of our societal views, thoughts, ideas, and conversations when we watch prime time TV. We are watching what people…right now, in the majority of our society is thinking. We are looking at the mirror with all of our flaws and discrepancies all hanging out. This is really how our culture and society sees the genders and the people that are in it.

Now is the time for change.

Now is the time for the mirror to show the more healthy us!

Now is the time to see the world that is possible, rather than the world which we are accepting.

This TV garbage does not have to be what we are…instead it can be our past.

How do we change it?

By writing letters to the corporations and TV channels, locally and nationally and ask them not to put on things about gender stereotypes that produce wrong ideas and feelings.

Begin boycotting the channels!  E-mail and facebook this view to everyone you know and ask them to boycott and send letters as well.

We must take a stand, or this reflection of our society will only get worse and become a very scary reality!

Opt 4 a different reality.

Opt 4 changing our normal.

Opt 4 reinventing who we see ourselves as.