Ryan Young worked at a meat counter in San Francisco, Ca.

Ryan saw a customer push and kick his pregnant girlfriend last month

What would you do?

I teach that we all have a responsibility to our fellow human beings. We have a responsibility to be a good bystander. This woman needed a good bystander at this moment. This woman’s child needed a good bystander at this moment.

Ryan stepped in and stopped the beating…Yeah Ryan!!!!

This is what i teach everyone to do.

This is how we need to be a better bystander.

The police commended him for a job well done. They said it would be great if we had more people like him in this world.

When asked why he did it…he said, “It’s the right thing to do.”  Besides he’s an expectant dad himself — his wife is 5 months pregnant.  This all felt very close to home to Ryan.

Safeway, the store he worked for, said he needs a 5 month vacation without pay while they de4cide what they should do.

Is this right?

Doug Castro is a security guard who shops at the Safeway where Ryan works, and he believes Ryan did the right thing by intervening. That’s why Doug started a petition on Change.org asking Safeway to lift Ryan’s suspension and give him backpay for the income he lost during his involuntary time away from work. Click here to sign Doug’s petition.


The police have already turned over security footage of the incident to prosecutors so that the man who beat his girlfriend can be charged, yet Ryan has been suspended for almost a month with no income. Doug believes that if thousands of people sign his petition, Safeway will bow to public pressure and put Ryan back on the job.

In this blog Ryan is a hero.

In this blog, Ryan is an example of what I’d like everyone to do if they were in this situation.

Opt 4 acting like Ryan when we see these things.

Opt 4 being a good bystander!