This blog has talked about many times before.

A wee bit history:

There was a group of adults who wanted to make a teen dating violence prevention website. They put their adult brains together and realized if this was going to be for students, students had to be involved. (Novel huh?  I think this goes in the Duh…file)

So, they went around the country asking students what they’d like to see. They spent years and years doing this. Then they created the site.

The site has all sorts of cool videos, questionnaires, etc to help students learn  what is acceptable and not acceptable in a relationship (Because there is A LOT of people out there who don’t “get it”.)

Now…they’re doing it again.

They need students!!!!!

Are you a student?  Do you have an opinion you want to share?  Do you want to prevent teen dating violence? (Do I have to ask this?)

Do you know of a student who has an opinion to share?

So here’s the deal:

The people are looking for a few good teens to join us as official That’s Not Cool Ambassadors. This is a unique opportunity for youth to raise awareness on an issue that closely affects them, their friends, and communities at large while having some fun in the process.

As you may know, That’s Not Cool uses examples of pressure and control that occur in the digital world (online and via cell phone) to encourage young people to draw their own lines about what’s okay, or not okay, in relationships.

Members of the That’s Not Cool Ambassadors team will gain valuable experience, national exposure, and meaningfully contribute to this award-winning campaign.

Cool part alert!  Cool part alert!

Ambassadors get to:

Provide valuable feedback on new concepts for That’s Not Cool.

Organize activities to raise awareness of digital dating abuse and That’s Not Cool.

Contribute their unique voices through blog posts, social media, videos, etc.

Engage with other Ambassadors from across the country.

Gain important skills and experience working with a national initiative.

–> Below is the application for the program, which includes more information and expectations for Ambassadors.

Application deadline is June 15, 2012.



If you have questions, please e-mail us at Sincerely, The That’s Not Cool Team