When many people look at domestic violence or even just violence in general, they see a very very big problem.

Sometimes this problem is just way too much to do anything about, or so it seems.  Because of the enormity of the problem many people just stop doing anything.

Another group of people see the gargantuan problem, but don’t know where to start. Don’t know what to do. They create anger in their hearts and minds towards these “evil” people who do these “horrible” things.Then they exclaim…

Why can’t people stop doing this..it’s horrible!

When the world changes it will be a better place.

I’m not going to be part of this violence!

It’s very possible you yourself have uttered these very words.

I was reading the other day a profound passage…and I wanted to share it with you. It is from a book called “Wings of Joy” by Sri Chinmoy. A little bit about Sri – he is a poet, artist, composer, author, and international emissary for peace.(I’d say he’s qualified to be listened to:

“If you really want to love humanity, then you have to love humanity as it is now. If humanity had to become perfect before it could be accepted by you, then it would not need your love, affection, and concern as it does now in it’s imperfect state…Humanity is a reflection of your heart right now.

“You must regard the persons around you as limbs of your own body. Without them you are incomplete. You may feel that some are less developed or less important but each one has his role to play. Although some of your fingers are smaller than the others, does not mean any one is any less useful or weaker than the others…

“It is only by accepting humanity as part of our own life, and by helping to perfect humanity with our own abilities, talents, and ideas; that we can fulfill ourselves.”

So, when you feel there is nothing that you can do….do something, anything…and you are not only helping yourself realize the greatness of humanity…but you are an example of the greatness humanity can become.

You are allowed to be bothered and upset at the abuse…but only if you are doing something about it!

What are you doing to end this violence and power and control?