In my class I speak about gender, gender roles, and the nonsense it all is.

It really seems that it would be so much easier if we just got over it all and accepted everyone for who they want to be.

There is one question on my pre/post test that asks:  it bothers me when a guy acts like a girl.(strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree)

Now there is so much wrong with this question…and I would hope the students would see this after my class.

1. There is no boy way of acting and there is no girl way of acting. People just act like they want.

2. Who cares if boys act like girls or girls  act like boys…they’re just being people acting however they feel.

3. Why would it bother anyone if one gender acts like another?

Apparently, according to all of my pre/post tests….it matters.  This is the only comment that is consistently the same from pre to post test and throughout all of the classes. It’s always….agree or strongly agree. The students are “bothered” when a boy acts like a girl.

Interesting enough…it is often answered “strongly agree” by girl rather than boys. This fact alone could be a post by itself.

But, I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised. If we look at the controversy right now about gay marriage and gays in general, we should realize what we are teaching the future of our world.

So let this post be a reminder to all….we are teaching our children with our media, our news, and our thoughts that come out of our mouth.

We are teaching our children intolerance and the norms of how to act and think. The data shows our students are not OK with people acting any other way then the rigid societal gender roles that are propagated everywhere.  This is a problem when trying to end gender roles and prevent abuse.

Gender roles is a major risk factor to preventing DV. If we don’t change the way the genders are seen, we will be doomed to repeat the abuse and destruction of the perceived  “weaker” gender, whoever holds that role at the time.

opt 4 the change of gender roles.

Opt 4 accepting people for whom they are.