This picture is not a statistic.

This picture is not a sign.

This picture does not have to be our reality.


This picture is a call to action.

This picture is asking: What should we do about this?

This picture is asking us to: DO SOMETHING!!!

This picture is a wake up call.

This picture is asking us to teach, educate, and stand up.

Sadly, men are the #1 perpetrators of this crime: so we must infuse an anti-rape message into everything that a male-gendered person sees. The ideas of rape-prevention must be in every piece of media, every piece of literature, and every time a male-identified person opens his eyes. We must stop this horrible invasion of people’s bodies at an alarming rate!

How are you preventing rape?

How are you preventing this violence?

How are you preventing abuse?

Inspire us with your stories!