There is a video contest going on!!!

The whole premise is:

Seeing My World through a Safer Lens

Soo, seeing your world in a safer community.

Seeing your world safer than you can imagine!!!

According to the website:

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Injury Center), we are hosting this video contest to answer the question, “What does Injury and Violence Prevention Look Like in My Community?”

The “Seeing My World through a Safer Lens” video contest asks injury and violence professionals, students, and the general public to create a short video that shows injury and violence prevention in their neighborhood, community, state, or region.

You can pick any of the following topic areas to show what injury and violence prevention looks like in your own community.

CLICK to learn more about each of the injury and violence prevention topics:

Motor Vehicle Safety


Home and Recreational Safety


Violence Prevention

Traumatic Brain Injury


Grab a phone, grab a camera, grab a video camera, grab some elses video cvamera (NO STEALING!!!) and go out and film!


Enter the contest by July 15, 2012.