The term of what gender are you for so many is so simple. They look down, they look at their anatomy, and they say to themselves: I’ve been told that the anatomy I’m looking at is female/male.  Question answered – problem solved.


For many people it’s not that easy.

For many these terms carry with them a lot of rules, actions, and expectations that they very well might not accept or want to be part of. Suddenly, there’s a problem.

Now the pictures here depict restrooms….if i feel I am a female through and through…but…I don’t have the correct anatomy, I’m forced to go into the restroom my anatomy says i’m suppose to go to. This creates such unaccountability for so many…they are forced to either suck it up…or not go. These signs help with that..and allow all people to be accepted as they truly are, not what a group of people decide.

In fact, not all women wear skirts…as depicted in the female/male signs. whenever I see these signs I’m taken back to a scene in the Disney Pixar “CARS 2” movie where one of the characters has to use the restroom in Japan. As he looks at the doors he realizes that he doesn’t know which symbol is the one he needs to go into..because it depicts symbols of gender that he is not use to. Inadvertently, he goes into the wrong door and is met with a number of loud female screams.

In order for us to see ourselves as equal, we must stop promoting our own differences. We should start celebrating those differences, rather than pointing them out as bad or good.

If i identify myself as male…then I’m male. It doesn’t matter whether or not my anatomy says it or not.

If I identify myself as female, then I’m allowed to say I’m female no matter what my anatomy says.

With this being said…I’m also allowed to act as I feel is the correct way (as long as I treat people correctly and it’s without violence).

There are no “girl clothes”.

There are no “man drinks”.

There are no “girl drinks”.

There is no “screaming like a girl”.

There is no “taking it like a man”.

We are people…and we should act as such.

How would you create a nonjudgmental bathroom sign?

How would you depict the differences in gender on restroom signs?

Ladies, are you wearing your superhero capes to the bathroom?

Men, are you wearing your superhero capes to the restroom?

opt 4 gender equality.

Opt 4 acceptance.