The world of sexual assault prevention and domestic violence prevention has to be a connected group of people who are together…trying to end this problem.

I’m introducing a foundation that is trying and doping everything they can to gain awareness and to prevent all of this violence!

Who are they?

The Mission of the Awakenings Foundation is to support and showcase the healing of rape and sexual abuse survivors who pursue the creative arts, and to share their stories with the public as a means of raising awareness about the problems faced by rape and sexual abuse survivors in our society. It contains the only known permanent collection of artworks created solely by rape and sexual abuse survivors.
Phone: 773-904-8217
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suit #204-C Chicago, IL 60613


There are some great things they are doing, and putting up some awesome information, pictures, and ideas on their site. If you can reblog, like, or even just add it to your facebook…it will be one more thing we can do to help end this horrible problem.