What a great advertisement from the NCDV. The UK has decided to make public awareness of domestic violence and the ability to use injunctions a major focus.

Let’s take a note from them and try to duplicate this awesome add.

Or…can we at least pass and publish this advertisement to everyone we can. This is so educational, and you know everyone loves watching youtube videos.

This is also a way to remind us that domestic violence is not a US problem, it’s a world wide epidemic, and we need to do everything we possibly can to end it!

Now is the time to stop all of the abuse that is happening world wide.

How else can we use this ad to prevent domestic violence?

How else can we use this ad to get the information out to as many people as we can?  At least we can do is use it to educate people out there that injunctions are more than just a piece of paper.

opt 4 doing something more than you’re doing right now. (We could all do more!)

opt 4 educating everyone!

Opt for eradicating the need for injunctions.