When we see violence, we do violence.

When we see peace, we do peace.

A new study of the normal ads that are in our magazines has turned this into a reality that is just scary.

This study which looked at the majority of ads that are displayed in major magazines shows an alarming amount of violence toward women. These magazines that the study looked at showed pictures and depictions of women that are flabergasting.

Here are a few:


















These  magazines that these ads come from have readerships into the millions. So, lets think about the numbers for a moment. If our eyes pick up 100% of what they see, and we only consciously pick up 30%  (if we were able to process consciously 100% we’d go insane…according to neurologists). This means that your eyes are storing 70% of the stuff you see into your subconscious.

Also, by the way, your subconscious controls 60-75% of what you do on a daily basis, how you form opinions, and all of your gut reactions.

That means, every picture of this study has been stored in over 2-5 million (5,000,000 – about the population of Washington state.) people’s minds and they will actively act out according to what they see.

That means these 5 million people are actively seeing and learning that violence against women is ok.

Now for the very very scary part – these come out of about 10 magazines, for a total of 50,000,000 people (the population of California and Georgia combined)  50,000,0000 people stored these images in their consciousness and subconsciousness.

However, what if only 10% acted out their thoughts that were created by these images.  That would mean 5,000,000 women will be harmed!

Wow!  We are creating a culture of violence against women through the words we use, the images we depict, and the movies we create.

Please stop the violence.

No wonder the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) might not get funded this year after 40 years of obviously being funded.

No wonder depictions of violence toward women continues to go up.

No wonder Domestic Violence towards women continues to rise.

No wonder divorce is on the rise.

No wonder patriarchy is still in!

We must change this!

Contact these magazines, these publishers, these advertisers and say….ENOUGH!!!!!