Sit down.

Sit down criss cross applesauce.

Right now you’re on the floor.

What a simple idea right?

Ask a group of adults (non-yoga adults of course) to sit on the ground and they will look at you like you’ve lost your mind!  Then they will look at the ground and then at you and then back at the ground. (They looked at you to make sure you were serious.) Then when they realize you’re serious they’ll sit on the ground. But….it will take a minute. They will grunt and groan and sigh and breathe heavily and make all sorts of excuses why it’s hard for them to get on the ground. Then there are the nay sayers…these are the adults who simply refuse. “I’m not getting on that dirty ground, you must be crazy.”

Why did I ask people to do this?  I ask everyone to do this……I’ll wait while you sit down on the ground.



Now….At this level is where we learned everything. We as humans are visual learners. We learned how to speak, move our face, move our arms, legs, etc  This is why twins separated at birth speak differently, have different mannerism, etc….even though they are from the same seed.

We learn everything through visual cues!  Everything.

So what are we teaching people?


With these images constantly in front of us…it’s no wonder violence against women is on the rise.