It seems we have to keep talking about speaking about women as Girls….but it’s now been vastly vulgarized!

HBO came out with a show called “Girls”…which shows many many women acting in ways most women just wouldn’t act. However, the producers are portraying it as a reality show, so of course….every person watching it believes this must be how women act….”girls” act (sorry).

1. Teenage ladies are beginning taught that they are supposed to act like this.

2. Women are wondering if acting like they do (the self-assured, adult way) is wrong.

3. Men think women should act like this, and wonder why their wives don’t. This then causes marital unrest and there is nothing the wife can do to change it…except turn off the TV.(Which really is a good idea anyway.)

4. The government looks at that and makes their decisions based on this mock reality of what women are like.

Let’s highlight some “girls” who are doing awesome stuff!

This article from feministing highlights some awesome things real girls are doing.

Also, right here in the Tampa Bay area….a group of Girls from Girls inc. decided that a sexist billboard in their area was wrong – and they petitioned and protests…and got the $4000 marquis and billboard taken down.

Girls are doing some amazing things….women are doing some amazing things……lets not show them for what they aren’t.

opt 4 telling everyone that women and girls are awesome.

Opt 4 showing women and girls as more than boy crazed, make up obsessed, bimbos.

Opt 4 highlighting the awesome things Girls are really doing.