On April 22nd, the nation and hopefully the whole world, celebrated earth day.

A funny comment from a senator a while ago always comes to mind on earth day……”I’d love to fund this projects for a new renewable energy source, to clean up our oceans, and help our the earth. But we just don’t have enough money. Either we give money to the people, or we give money to the earth.”

It’s funny…if we have no earth, we have no people…

But…if we are thinking about helping our earth we should be thinking about helping the inhabitants as well. In order to help the earth become as good as it is…we need to help the people on it.


We need to prevent the violence that is killing people at an alarming rate.

We need to prevent domestic violence that is killing 1 in 10 people worldwide.

We need to prevent domestic violence that is being done at a 1.5 million people a year rate, in the US alone.

We need to prevent sexual violence that is hurting 1 in 4 women daily. (Every 2 minutes a person in sexually assaulted)

If we could eliminate the violence and the destruction of the people who live on earth we would be on the right track to helping the earth be a happier healthier place. If the people are happier and healthier, so would the earth.

But even worse, all of the people who are victims of domestic violence are learning a new way of “love”. A perverse, power and control way of love.  That means the number 1 power of people trying to save the earth…LOVE…is being destroyed through domestic violence.

Through this constant violence under the name of love, we are loosing sight of what really matters. When we lose site of the humanity that is being destroyed on a daily basis, humanity is falling off the planet.

In honor of Earth Day…do something to help out the people who live on it!

What did you do help people on Earth day?

Could everyday be “earth people” day?

Couldn’t we help the people of earth every day?