I keep seeing, so I have to keep saying it!

I’ve said this on this blog before and I will say it till it ends!  A girl is a female human who is not an adult. This would be a person who has not reached their 18th birthday.

As the ladies of the world have told me it goes something like this:

0-13 – Girl

13 – 17 – Young lady (as soon as you become a mom..you’re a woman.)

18 + – woman

Making people feel like a child, and using words that depict them as children, has been a favorite way to demean and belittle people and show everyone that this group is below the normal “adult” parts of society. This immediately sets the stage for that group of the society to be treated below the other parts of society. When this happens, it becomes ok to mistreat, demean, destroy, and otherwise commit violence on this group because they are children who need to be put in their place.

This was used in Nazi Germany to everyone not blue eyes and white skinned – They were called children (regardless of their age).

This was done during the jim crow era – All black men were “boy” and “boys”.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of examples of this throughout world history…and it’s wrong. In fact, it’s always been wrong.


When our society puts the word “Girl” on something and refers to a woman…they are doing the same thing.

However, it has gone even farther than that now. We have made this a normal part of our world.  Here are a few picture examples of products made and about women….but refereed to as girl:

Women are spoken to as girls.

Women are said to be girls.

Women are told they are girls.

Women are called girls.

Enough of this “girl” talk….it becomes normal, and then it becomes normal to treat women like children.

I will end this post with a comment I overheard from a 10 year old girl (sounds like a future feminist no doubt):

Dad: Look honey, they have spider girl.

10 year old girl: Why did you show me that?

Dad: Because i like spider-man and i thought you’d like spider girl.

10 year old girl: She has boobs.

Dad: Yes, and so will you one day.

10 year old girl: Dad, if she has boobs she’s not a girl and she looks more adult, kinda like your spider-MAN. Wouldn’t she be spider woman?

Dad: uh…uh..

10 year old girl: or is that spider boy?   Dad, I’m a girl….that is a woman. By the way dad…i like to play with lego.


Opt 4 a world where women are seen as adult women!