1st…let’s celebrate all the smart intelligent awesome women out there!  Historically, sadly, women have not been seen as smart and that is HORRIBLE!  We must end this atrocity – women are and will always be intelligent, smart and every other synonym that means the same thing.

Men – You’ve always been told you’re smart from when you were a boy. If you weren’t…I’m sorry! You should have been, just as women and girls should be.

But that is not what this post is about….per se.

This post comes from a readers response to one of our previous articles.

His comment was this: It’s interesting. We don’t see the “dumb wife….smart husband” commercials and ads as much as we use to. This is and could be seen as a win for equality.


What we are now seeing is a lot of  “Dumb husband…smart wife” commercials and ads.  This isn’t good. It’s the normal way of our society shifting past equality and norms, and instead going to the other extreme.

What we are asking is simple:

  • Treat people equally.
  • See everyone for the strengths and positive qualities all people have.
  • Do not discriminate because of race, skin, origin, or sex!
  • See people as people, not body parts.
  • Everyone is smart and dumb…depending on their areas of expertise.
  • Husbands are not idiots.
  • Wives are not idiots.
  • Men, women, husband, wives, girls, boys…we all just are us,  and want to be seen as the awesome, great, individuals we are.

Opt 4 equality.

Opt 4 seeing people as the people they are.