Do something for the people who need the help.

By doing something awesome for the local DV shelter, you show everyone that this abuse needs to stop…and…you help out the people who have already been victimized because of this epidemic we are trying to prevent.

In Clearwater, Fl today some amazing young individuals did just that.

5 years ago…a group of students wanted to find a way to give back and show that they were against all relationship violence. Instead of making posters or yelling about it, they told everyone they were against this abuse and asked the children of the abused families to not feel bad and know that there are a lot of people who don’t believe this si right. How did they show them that?

They went to Build a Bear with their own money, and built bears for all of the little kids (the smallest victims who had to watch the abuse) in their local Domestic violence Shelter!  In 2012, this is the fifth year the students at Admiral Farragut Academy have built bears for children at The Haven of RCS. Students had fun and built 49 bears to comfort the smallest victims of domestic violence.

So go out and do something to help prevent domestic violence and help everyone!

Together we can bring smiles to all people…even the ones that have seen trauma and abuse that hey didn’t have to.