It never seems to end!

A woman can work and work and work to become a great athlete. She can break world records, break down gender lines, and even beat out every one of her male competitors. She can stomp her male competitors times and abilities, and even tear down the female/male stigma in the sport.

But what pictures make the magazines….her sport?  Her making an awesome advance? A mind-blowing stunt in her sport that makes everyone’s jaw drop because it is so amazing?


They(the media, the men in the sport, etc) ask and coax and pay her to take off her clothes.  Only then, does she get the credit she deserves.

Only when she is stripped down to essentially a bra and panties can her world record-breaking stats be accompanied with her picture. Only then can she be seen as a legitimate athlete.

Case in point:

There is a woman’s side of every sport, and surfing is no different.

There are a group of women surfers right now that are reshaping what the women’s surfing world is all about. Not only are they reinventing women’s surfing, they are entering the men’s contests and blowing away the male competition.

When these amazing women are approached by advertisers it is not to promote the product, but to find a way for their bodies to promote the product.Their amazing surfing is not detailed, but instead pictures of them walking away holding their boards so that you can get a good look at their butts.

Then a magazine decided to do an issue based on these women surfers….a swimsuit and “real photos” issue portraying them in next to nothing and in positions close to sexual positions.

2nd case in point:

A young girl wanted to race more than anything in her life. She began racing and found it to be a boys club, no women allowed unless she wanted to race in the “girl” league….a league far below her ability. She was told she should be happy, because she’d be the best.

She decided that wasn’t good enough and raced every circuit she could find. Finally, after breaking records and tearing down glass ceilings and gender walls, she became a formula 1 racer and a formidable one at that. Soon she begin taking over and dominating the racing circuit. After setting multiple records, she decided to take on Nascar and won. there has never been a female racer ever!

However, she wasn’t getting a lot of sponsors and promoters through out her racing career. In order to do this and to promote herself, she was forced to take off her clothes.

Her name is Danica Kirkpatrick, and the only way she can truly promote herself the way her sponsors want her to…is half naked.

This is the plight of the female population in our world.

This obvious sexism and sexist exploitation needs to end!

The other argument is that they don’t have to do it, if they don’t want to.  They are absolutely right.


If you are taught that that is the way women are treated and are not told otherwise (because most women aren’t) you accept that that is just the way it is.

No it isn’t.

We must stand with a united voice to say…Women should be seen for their abilities not their bodies!

Opt 4 seeing women portrayed as the amazing strong people they are.

Opt 4 seeing mothers as amazing and great!

Opt 4 seeing women athletes as great and not a sex object.

Opt 4 stopping the exploitation of women.

Opt 4 talking to daughters and young ladies and explaining that they DO NOT have to show skin to legitimize their life.