This blog is not just working toward preventing Domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships, it is also to promote this simple fact: Be nice to people.

Be good to people.

However, then we run into the problem of all people having a different version of what “being good” to people is. How complicated!

Treat people nicely!

Open a door for someone.

Pick up something someone dropped.

Give someone a compliment.

Say Thank you….yes, say thank you to as many people as you can about the job they’re doing.

One group thought that is was such a revolutionary, simple, and awesome idea…they created an entire product line. What is the product line comprised of…lots of stuff that says: Be Good To People!

Don’t be violent…be good to people.

Don’t be mentally abusive…be good to people.

Don’t yell, call names and be verbally abusive…Be Good To people!

Don’t take things from people you love….Be good to people.

Are you being as good to people as you can?  If not, change. If so..educate!

Opt 4 people being good to others.

Opt 4 people being good to people!