Previously, I wrote about an appalling stripping advertisement.  From this site I noticed a particularly horrible comment that seems to be quite popular with men these days.

Let me point out one comment that was written on an appalling “stripping” advertisement:

“Women don’t need men to crusade for them, and this is certainly not the place if they did need it.”

 A man said this.

 How would he know?

 This is the realm of thinking that has caused men to not do the things they need to do.

 Men!  Do not believe these ideas and comments. Now is the time to stand up for women’s rights. Now is the time to stand up for abuse against women. Now is the time to end the abuse.  Men need to stand up and end the violence that men seem to continue to propagate. Men need to stand up and stop all of the violence that exists. Men need to stand up and end the horrible degradation of women and view of women as objects. Men must promote the fact that women are not just a collection of body parts, but real people who need to be taken seriously!

 Here are just a few of the men’s groups that are standing up to end this abuse:

 A call to men

Men Stopping violence

 Men against violence against women

Muslim Men Against Violence Against Women

Men Standing up for Women and to end Abuse

Men Against Sexual Violence

Men Stopping Rape

Men Can Stop Rape

My strength is to end Rape


Men, now is the time to stop rape.

Men, now is the time to stop the injustice that women have felt for so many centuries.

Men, Now is the time we use our strength to end the violence!