Stussy Amsterdam has just put together a publicity stunt campaign to get more people to buy their clothing.

 Unfortunetly, like so many advertising for so many centuries before them, has decided to use sexism as a way to promote their clothing. Interesting enough, they decided to have a female gendered person to wear male gendered clothing.

 Here’s the idea of the advertising by Stussy: They asked a female gendered model to put on all of the spring line of men’s clothing. Then the more “likes” they get, the more clothing the model takes off. The idea is to keep liking the facebook page till the model is naked.  In fact, most of the wording on the site encourages people to keep liking it till she is naked and the need to have her publicly naked.

 Now this campaign has been going on for a few weeks now, and Stussy’s comments on the Facebook page has been even more sexist stating things like: Keep liking guys, the more likes the more  skin you see. The more naked she gets.   This is showing that she is merely a group of body parts on display for everyone to see. She is not a breathing, living, feeling human being who has hopes, dreams, ideas, and thoughts. In fact, she is seen as only an object of desire, and body parts to be ogled at.

 However, the comments are even worse than the fact that the advertisement has actually happened.

 The comments began by:

 “Oh wow, I can’t wait to see her naked.”

 “this is going to take too long….why can’t it be in video”

 “Can we start with the bottom part?”

 Then three men made some comments that were quite nice to see and hear….

 “Disgusting campaign, Stussy. You’ve clearly run out of good ideas and are resulting to the degradation of women to sell your wares. Poor form.”

 “this is gross and mysogenistic.”

 “asinine comes to mind as well”

 However, the comments came back to justify the advertisement as not that bad and ok. Then:

 “sex sells….”

 “how many do we need to get her naked? Lol”

 “I think it’s an incredibly clever advertisement idea. Why is it “degradation of women” to be able to appreciate beauty when you see it? You may cry foul that this is underhanded, which I’ll admit it is; regardless though, it’s an excellent marketing idea and it works. “

Also, if you can’t even spell ‘misogynistic’ correctly and I would be willing to bet that you don’t know what it really means either. Women don’t need men to crusade for them, and this is certainly not the place if they did need it.”

 “I like the part where all the unimaginative people and people who have no intention of ever buying Stüssy complain and say they are disgusted. The marketing campaign wasn’t for you! Move along feminist recluses…just move along.”

Opt 4 changing the world.

Opt4 changing the way these advertisements are seen.

Opt 4 seeing women as people, and not just body parts.

Opt 4 sending a letter to Stussy and ask them to not do this kind of advertisement.

Opt 4 sending letters/e-mails/txt/tweet  companies to stop this!