15 ways you can promote nonviolence in your community

  1. Speak only with nonviolent words (no “hit”, no “shoot”, etc) and ask others around you to do the same.
  2. Stand up for all types of people
  3. Talk to everyone about preventing violence in your community.
  4. Become part of nonviolent groups that are promoting nonviolence in your community.
  5. Build and erect peace poles (Poles that say “may peace prevail on earth on each side in in 4 different languages)
  6. Become an active member on a school PTA or Sac board, and promote programs that promote nonviolence and teach students tools to prevent violence.
  7. Attend all school board meetings and ask that nonviolence education becomes a normal part of the school curriculum.
  8. Create an internet site (blog,vlog,twitter,facebook, etc) that promotes nonviolence and healthy relationships.
  9. Contact your local domestic violence center and ask to be part of their prevention team and ask what you can do to help prevent domestic violence.
  10. Do something…anything…to constantly speak about, think about, and influence all people to prevent violence.
  11. Hold “meditation meetings” in the park where everyone is meditating for nonviolence and peace.
  12. Write to magazines and newspapers asking them to promote stories about nonviolence and groups working to end violence.
  13. Write to ad agencies that promote violence and violence against women in their commercials or print media ads.
  14. Write/e-mail/call Tv and movie producers and creators and ask them to stop promoting violence and violence against women in their entertainment.
  15. write to every senator, congress person, and civil leader in the government and ask them to vote for more funding for nonviolence and less funding for violence

Do you know of any more ways you can promote nonviolence?

What are you doing in your community to promote nonviolence?

Opt 4 a nonviolent world.

Opt 4 a nonviolent community.

Opt4 nonviolence!